This page is under construction.

My only goal is to make your day better.

And, to help me pay for cat food.

But mostly, the former.

Everybody likes cats, or at least pictures of cats, because pictures of cats don’t shit in your yard or destroy your furniture, you’re not allergic to them, they don’t cause bigly vet bills when they’ve gone out and eaten something they probably should have left running around the bushes or oozing under the sink, nor do they leave giant clumps of hair everywhere, nor the heads of no-longer-cute little animals just to demonstratively prove the point how much you suck at catching your own.

And if you don’t even like pictures of cats, then you are objectively a bad person and you should feel bad. Go and contemplate your failings, and where your life went wrong. Shame.

There is a very non-zero probability that every cat “owner” (read: ambulatory pink food blob) has something like 90% of their phone storage full of cat photos. I am gradually getting around to figuring out how to import all of mine and put them on here. Patience.

Because, until there are actual pictures here for Chinese intellectual property pirates to put on t-shirts, the best I can do is to take you back to a simpler time when the Internet, although it sucked, did not Suck.

So please enjoy this totally unironic “under construction” gif.

You remember these, don't you

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